From the first day I met Chris MacDonald in the mid 1990s, I knew he was a man who shot straight and saw things the way they are. Rarely have I known a person who so deftly balances grace, truth, humor, and insight. Chris’s encouraging demeanor and attention to honesty are at once disarming and comforting. i would trust him with my innermost secrets and know he will always provide the best advice from a Christ-centered viewpoint.” 

~Dan K

“You are, as you know, a very unusual disciple, and it will take a very Spirit-enlightened congregation to venture out with you. But I know the Lord can lead you to just such a community. Please, Lord: do not waste all You have invested in Chris”

~ Rev. Darrell Johnson (Professor Fuller,

Regent and Carey colleges)

“I have found Mac (Christopher MacDonald) to be a insightful brother in Christ with large and diversified ministry exposure. 

He has a street level understanding of humanity (connected to years of serving the homeless/unhoused community) combined with a depth of church ministry experience…

He also possesses a discernment gifting that he has honed in each of these unique environments. ”

~P/T/ (Pastor Terry) Cornerstone SF Church.

“Christopher (Mac) is a one of a kind spiritual presence.  In his time serving within our church, I saw in him a deep and grace-filled compassion for others, a unique ability to provide safety for individuals to share life’s challenges with him, and a tested faith that always pointed to healing and hope in Christ.  I can think of numerous individuals who benefited from Mac’s direction/presence/support in both formal and informal settings.  I would feel confident in Mac’s ability to provide spiritual care to anyone fortunate enough to enter a spiritual direction relationship with him.”

~Rev Chris Scott,

Oak Life Church Oakland