Pastor Mac

Christopher MacDonald

The services I am called to provide are all about YOU. They are about assisting you in receiving spiritual direction; identifying spiritual giftedness; maturation; training and in being mentored. We meet in person or via Zoom weekly and there is a limited number of participants per week.

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral Counseling/Care of Souls
  • Chaplaincy/Hospital Visitation
  • Training (Exegesis & Apologetics)

Call for an in-person or Zoom appointment: 415.261.0784 or


45 years ministry experience in all age groups and socio-economic categories. Masters of Divinity/Berkeley School of Theology 2020; Masters in Christian Leadership/Berkeley School of Theology 2018; Bachelors in Psychology/CSUS,. 1981. Former co-founder of the Apologetics Resource Center and head of Webster Street Homeless Tent City (2015-2017).